“Biden’s Hands Were Tied” is the Most Pathetic Excuse I’ve Ever Heard

I’ve long identified myself as a “defender of presidents.” I cut presidents a great deal of slack – an enormous amount, at times – because I think in many respects, the president of the United States is the world’s most unappreciated job.

I’ve also refrained from being overtly disrespectful toward presidents. For example, I don’t call President Biden “Sleepy Joe” (or, if I ever did, it was before he became president). I don’t say he “hides in his basement.” I don’t make old jokes about him needing a “sippy cup.” And I will defend him whenever I think it’s warranted, even though I certainly didn’t vote for him. But I will also criticize him when it is warranted, as with the Afghanistan debacle.

In a nuthsell, Biden got it wrong. Boy, did he ever! Robert Gates, defense secretary under BOTH George W. Bush AND Barack Obama, famously said that Biden had “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” He wasn’t kidding!

Nonetheless, I can even cut Biden some slack for getting it wrong. We also got WMDs in Iraq wrong, Dick Cheney said we’d be “greeted as liberators.” Wrong. LBJ and Nixon thought they were going to be successful in Vietnam. Wrong. Presidents get things wrong from time to time. Biden’s running out of mulligans, though, because he’s been wrong a lot. HIs seven months in office feel like seven years in terms of endless, grueling, mismanagement.

Worst of all is that he says his hands were tied in Afghanistan, because of a deal Trump made with the Taliban. Really? Trump also made a deal to complete the Keystone pipeline, and Biden scrapped it. To finish the wall, and Biden ended that too. To withdraw from the Paris climate accords, but now we’re back in. To pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, but now we’re trying to get back in. From tax cuts to regulations to immigration policies, Biden undid so much of what Trump accomplished almost out of spite. Yes, his “hands were tied” in Afghanistan?

When he spoke to the American people in July, Biden didn’t say his hands were tied. He staunchly defended his decision to withdraw, almost certain that the Taliban would be no match for the Afghan government’s military. He was wrong. Fine. Leaders – even good leaders – can be wrong. But good leaders shouldn’t mealy-mouth.

And Biden’s sycophants, such as career fibber Donna Brazile, is further embarrassing herself by repeating the “hands were tied” mantra. Shame on all of you – but don’t worry, Americans are catching on, which is why Biden’s approval ratings are heading south faster than a snowbird.

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