Did Your (Kid’s) Teacher/Professor Vote for Biden or Trump? You Shouldn’t Know!

Some people might say “it’s important to know who your (or your kids’) teachers/professors voted for in the last election, but, when you think about it, the OPPOSITE is true. You SHOULDN’T know! And the reason you shouldn’t know, is that they should absolutely go out of their way to make sure that they DON’T tip their hand about their political preferences.

When educators inject their personal opinion into classroom lessons, they often do irreparable damage to their students. Political indoctrination is hazardous to a healthy society.

I’ve been teaching history and politics for decades, and my first presidential election in doing so was Clinton v. Dole in 1996. Since then, there have been another six presidential elections, and I taught during all of them. Each time, just like everyone else, I had a personal favorite. Some years, my support for one candidate over another was very strong, other years, not as strong, but I voted every time.

Yet, I NEVER, EVER, EVER shared my political views with my students in class. I presented the election in an enthusiastic way, making a strong argument for both candidates not based on what I felt was right, but in summarizing what the prevailing views were.

For example, when talking about Biden v. Trump in 2020, I explained that millions of Americans think that Trump is an inexperienced, narcissistic, unhinged, dangerous, racist, sexist, demagogue who is destroying America’s democracy, and Biden is the best hope to restore dignity and decency to the presidency. I further explained that millions of other Americans think that the Democrats have veered dangerously to the far left, hijacking that party, and that Joe Biden is a feeble, borderline senile, incompetent puppet who can’t control anyone around him, and that he would destroy all that Trump accomplished, particularly in strengthening the economy, defeating terrorists around the world, securing our borders, and speaking out strongly against political correctness and media bias.

I didn’t tell students what I think they should do, or what I think is right. I told them that these are the competing ideas.

Unless they googled me, they wouldn’t know where I stand politically. And neither should you, or your children, know where their teachers/professors stand.

SHAME on any educator who infects the teaching and learning process with political indoctrination!

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