So, Biden’s Criticizing the Press? Good!

The most disingenuous type of criticism is that which is done 0 percent of the time or 100 percent of time time. Take presidents, for example: if you can find absolutely NOTHING wrong with any given president, or EVERYTHING wrong with him, you’re not being honest with yourself or those around you.

It happens with every president. Currently, that’s Joe Biden. The Biden bashers use EVERY opportunity to find EVERYTHING wrong with him, Doing so actually WEAKENS their case and STRENGTHENS him politically.

His consistent criticism of the media is a prime example. While the bashers don’t really blame him for that, they harp on the double standard that if it were Trump who said that, it would be all over the news. YES, we KNOW. The media coddles Democrats far more than Republicans, and when it comes to Trump, everyone is off-the-rails crazy in their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

But let’s stop for a minute and not make EVERYTHING about Biden vs. Trump. Let’s just say: “good for you, Mr. President! The press DESERVES to be called out for their journalistic malpractice!”

It’s ok – you can go back to criticizing Biden tomorrow, or maybe even later today. But, cut him a break when he gets something right. Otherwise, you are lacking in intellectual honesty.

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