The “Baseless” Playbook

It’s one thing to question Donald Trump’s insistence that he really won the 2020 election, but it’s another to ignore the concerted effort by the media to completely extinguish any spark of such a notion. Keep score, every time you read a “news” story about Trump’s claims of election fraud that it’s prefaced by the word “baseless” or some synonym thereof. Really? An “objective” journalist has decided something is “baseless”? And why are we not told of other baseless things?

If some guy stands in the middle of Times Square and claims that he is Napoleon back from the dead, and the police arrest him after he caused traffic to come to a standstill, the reporter writing about the story surely won’t inject the world “baseless” when describing that person’s Napoleon claim, BECAUSE IT’S NOT A REPORTER’S JOB TO MAKE UP OUR MINDS FOR US!

Yet, in this one rare exception, most everyone uses “baseless” – as if they all read it from the same playbook.

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