Trump Derangement Syndrome Infects the Pentagon

Believe it or not – and most who’ve studied history know this – the “he’s going to blow up the world!” argument did not begin with Donald Trump’s critics. George W. Bush was supposed to do that, said the lunatics, and before him, Ronald Reagan was a “trigger-happy cowboy who was going to start World War III.”

If you’re a politician, political pundit, or meteorologist, you get to be wrong over and over and over again and you still keep your job. That’s why these “expert” hacks get it wrong over and over again and continue their clamor. It’s not as if they have any sense of integrity to say: “I’ve been wrong so many times, I think I’ll shut up now.”

The latest histrionics come from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (and it’s sad that his title and the world “histrionics” appear in the same sentence), Gen. Mark Milley. In fairness to the general, the allegations about his having called his Chinese counterpart to warn him that if President Trump should decide to attack China, Milley would call the Chinese and warn them ahead of time, might just be Woodward’s sensationalizing – a trait that, sadly, he’s developed late in life.

If true, however, it means that even the Pentagon bought into the utter nonsense that Trump was a deranged lunatic unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief, and that we couldn’t ask him for the car keys, we’d just have to humor him by making sure his car wasn’t working; that way, we could keep him from taking it out for a drive.

Just as Bush and Reagan before him didn’t blow up the world, Trump didn’t either – and won’t again, if he gets the chance to return and complete the unfinished business of solving America’s problems, where he made a marvelous start but whose leadership was interrupted a bizarre election that has given us the worst president, thus far, since Jimmy Carter.

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