Undeserving of Sympathy

If I hear that the cops arrested four hoodlums – two white, two black – and though they never laid a finger on the white ones but slapped around the black ones, I am NOT going to have any sympathy for them.

But wait, before you jump to any conclusions, if the situation were reversed, and the police treated the black perpetrators respectfully and beat up the white ones, I wouldn’t have any sympathy for them either.

Also, I would not condone that the police use such unlawful and inappropriate behavior, and I would support them being punished accordingly.

But, again, that doesn’t mean I’d have sympathy for the victims. Why not? Because they’re PERPS! All four of them! And when you choose a life of crime, you may still have civil rights, but you don’t have my sympathy!

Similarly – and many of my fellow Trump supporters aren’t going to like this – I don’t have any sympathy for the January 6 Capitol invaders. Should they be denied due process rights and languish endlessly in prison awaiting trial? No, they shouldn’t. It’s just that I don’t have any sympathy for them because they are.

If you break the law by jaywalking, littering, or fishing without a license, those are malum prohibitum crimes. It means you’re not a bad person – it’s just that those laws are in place to ensure safety and order. But when you commit violence, intentionally, on another human being except in self-defense, or when you dare to trespass onto our hallowed halls of Congress by criminally breaching the boundaries of our magnificent Capitol Building, sorry, but you’re not getting any sympathy from me.

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