Vaccine Paradox

Throughout this crazy Covid experience, I have always respected the opinions of others, which is what any rational, openminded person who chooses to belong to society ought to do.

I was never perched at either extreme: one being self-isolating in a plastic bubble out of hopeless fear of Covid being a 21st century version of the Black Death Plague, and the other licking handrails and asking people to cough in your face just for kicks, so as to laugh at all of the precautions. I find both of these extremes disturbing, but far be it from me to pass judgment on them, because unlike so many other people who think they’ve found the answer, I SIMPLY DON’T KNOW!

I do wonder about one particular mindset, though: the vaxxed who are perfectly fine hanging out with fellow vaxxed individuals, but who steer clear of the unvaxxed, treating them as deadly lepers. Here’s why that’s so puzzling. Let’s take two vaxxed people, Vic and Valerie, and one unvaxxed – Ursula. Vic wants to have a party, and he calls Valerie and Ursula. When Vic learns that Valerie is vaxxed, he says “oh, good! See you at the party!” But when Ursula explains that she doesn’t want the jab, he says: “I’m sorry, but unless you get vaccinated, I can’t be around you, and so you can’t come to the party.”

Hopefully, Vic and Ursula have not forgotten that they’re members of the human race and, supposedly, have evolved over the millennia, and so they won’t start shouting at each other over the phone. But beyond that, let’s consider Vic’s thinking:

1. Vic either thinks that the vaccine he received: A) works (i.e., will probably prevent him from contracting Covid but even if he gets it, his symptoms will be mild); or B) that he hopes it works but is really afraid that maybe it doesn’t.

2. If Vic believes in A, then why would he worry about hanging out with Ursula? After all, if he thinks his symptoms would be mild or nonexistent, why would it matter if he’s around Valerie or Ursula? Surely he doesn’t think Valerie, if she has it, would give him a “mild” case of Covid but Ursula would give him a harsher one?

3. Conversely, if Vic believes in B, then why would he hang around anyone, whether vaccinated or not? Again, it’s not as if he thinks vaccinated people can’t give it to him but unvaccinated can.

To reiterate, the bubble hermits and the handrail lickers are too extreme for me, but at least their behavior is LOGICAL. The former see the virus as a deadly land mine, and the latter see it as harmless as a hangnail. Without debating which of them makes more sense, we can at least appreciate that based on their conclusions, their respective behaviors are appropriate.

Vic’s actions, in stark contrast, are what’s puzzling. They would only be logical if either he was perfectly fine hanging out with both Valerie and Ursula, or if he refused to hang out with either of them, or with anyone else!

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