Vax Attax and the Virus of Hateful Misunderstanding

Simply put, no one knows for sure. No one knows that getting vaccinated is better for you, and for society than not getting vaccinated. You may think you know, but you DO NOT know for sure.

Here’s the problem: there are Vaxxed folks who accuse Unvaxxed folks of being selfish by not getting vaccinated, because they think they’re not thinking of vulnerable people to whom they can transmit the virus. But here’s what they’re apparently NOT realizing:

1. If those vulnerable people are unvaxxed, why don’t they go get vaxxed? By remaining unvaxxed, aren’t they willingly assuming the risk too?

2. If those vulnerable people vaxxed, aren’t they supposedly protected from death or serious illness from Covid? If that’s the case, why worry about the Unvaxxed?

3. Many Unvaxxed believe that not only is remaining unvaxxed not high-risk behavior, but the “vaccine shedding” that comes from the Vaxxed in recent days after receiving their booster shot renders the Vaxxed MORE LIKELY to spread the virus. Warnings of: “stay away from that VAXXED person” are competing with “stay away from that UNVAXXED person.” Or, on a friendlier note: “even though you’re UNVAXXED, I’ll still hang out with you,” and “even though you’re VAXXED, I’ll still hang out with you.”

There are enough accounts by esteemed medical and scientific scholars to fortify each argument, much like when Supreme Court justices reach opposite conclusions, but each rooted in mounds of legal precedent. So, please save your “listen to the science” arguments, because many on BOTH sides arm themselves with one set of expert immunologists and virologists, but hardly read in great detail what the OPPOSITE viewpoint’s expert immunologists and virologists have to say.

My real point is: STOP YELLING, SHAMING, AND ACCUSING THOSE WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU! They’re not bad people. No one is getting vaxxed, or staying unvaxxed, thinking: “I don’t care about the rest of the population.” Once again, if you didn’t grasp it: they think they’re doing what’s best for themselves AND for society.

One side is less correct than the other, and I maintain that at the present time, no one knows for sure which one that is. But there is no INTENT to be selfish.

It’s gotten so out of hand that it’s like religious zealotry. Like walking into a restaurant on a Friday night and saying to the owners: “You are so SELIFISH! Never mind eating meat on Friday yourself, but serving it to others? Don’t you know you are reserving their seat in HELL? ” Yeah, says YOU.

On the other hand, those who sincerely believe their views are correct and plead with others to get vaxxed or stay unvaxxed for their own well-being are to be admired and respected. They are just showing concern for what they think is best for their friends and family members.

It’s the Accusers who deserve to be shamed. You hear that, Accusers? You want to change other people’s minds? Begin by learning how to show respect for their points of view. Otherwise, keep your traps shut!

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