Voting Should NOT Be Made Easier

Here’s the left’s obstructionist strategy: 1) find a non-leftist who wants Voter ID, elimination of drop-off boxes and mass mail-in voting opportunities; and 2) shame that person for thinking that way, insisting that s/he wants a tighter rein on voting procedures specifically to disadvantage persons of color.

These leftist manipulators are hoping their victims are easy prey, insofar as they don’t know very much about persons of color living in low socioeconomic environments

But those of us who grew up in ghettos primarily among black and Latinos, are the children of immigrants, and yet are STRONG TRUMP SUPPORTERS know poppycock when we see it. We know that we don’t want to disadvantage anyone, and we also know it’s all a bunch of hooey! My dad used to take me voting when I was a kid. It was a thrill to enter the voting booth with him, and he’d let me pull the lever. All around us were those same blacks and Latinos who, according to the leftist thought controllers, don’t vote in person. The same ones who for some reason won’t get an ID. Baloney!

Next, when persons of color are rightfully and justifiably outraged, they are either called disingenuous or manipulated. You see, these same phonies who purport to “support” persons of color are calling them either liars or idiots.

That’s ok, the truth ultimately prevails, and voting WILL be brought back to normal, just like when I was a kid. Oh, and the funny thing is, Democrats dominated Congress back then. So much for being disadvantaged by in-person voting.

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