Want to Teach Kids about Socialism? Cut Them Off!

Listen up, folks, you’re not going to get today’s youth to turn away from socialism because you’re telling them how “evil” it is. First of all, they’re going to want to rebel against you just for its own sake. You get angry and frustrated, they laugh themselves silly watching it all. Second, even if you tell them the truth (as I see it, anyway) that socialism isn’t really evil, it’s just economically irresponsible, they’re not going to care. Since when would they, at their young and carefree age, care about silly “old people” concepts like responsibility?

The only surefire way to get through to them is to cut them off. I don’t mean from food, clothing, and a roof over their heads, I mean from fancy cars, the latest gadgets, and designer clothes. If they live under your roof or if you pay their rent (and/or tuition), charge them for it as a percentage of their income. If you feel bad about taking money from them, force them to invest into a fund from which they can’t withdraw.

So, here’s the choice: they live at home, rent-free, and get a job so as to earn enough to by the latest iPhone. Fine, have them contribute to the family bills first, or put the money in that fund, and they can keep a tiny percentage of their check each week. Then, they can by their new iPhone not today, but in about six months, when they’ve saved enough – just in time for it to have become the “old” iPhone. 🙂

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