Why Election Audits Matter

Twenty-one years ago, amid the Bush-Gore recount frenzy of 2000, I made a rare exception in terms of voicing my opinion. Oh, not to tell my students which candidate I preferred – as that would be educational malpractice. It is NOT a teacher/professor’s place to share such views in class, and educators who do it are betraying their professional ethics.

The opinion I shared was that the entire election process is generally fraught with inaccuracies, most of them innocent mistakes and mismanagement, but some fraudulent or otherwise intentional. I said that in my view, Bush-Gore was so close of an election that we’re never really going to know who won – no matter what the courts decide.

That wasn’t the case with Biden-Trump. Add up all the conspiracy theories and multiply them by ten, and Biden still had a large enough lead that it wouldn’t have been erased. Like it or not, more Americans rejected our most successful one-term president since James Polk to usher in a feeble, 78-year-old who’s not a has-been – he’s more of a never-was, but with rapidly deteriorating skills. It happens.

The election audits, then, are NOT – repeat NOT – going to overturn the election results. Biden won, Trump lost. It’s terrible, but get over it. The audits are going to place elections under a microscope, where they belong, so that once and for all we can overhaul the system and make them trustworthy: something they haven’t been in a very long time.

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